Concrete Construction Corporation is a DBE NYSDOT and NYSUCP Certified Consulting Company 




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Concrete Construction Corporation is a DBE NYSDOT and NYSUCP certified Consulting Company in the area of service of highway, road, street, and bridge business of jobsite monitoring and documentation photography/video. CCC provides unique skills, services, and experience to job sites focusing on the efficiency, safety, and overall successful completion of the project utilizing State of the Art equipmernt. The Consulting Division utilizes real time and time lapse video monitoring. Our owner, Joseph Robinson Sr., leverages his 40 plus years of experience in the construction industry (documented on this website, to be able to effectively capture job site advancement with visual solutions to work site progress and issues.

CCC can handle any job, large or small, from start to completion. As a Certified DBE Company, your federally mandated sub-contracting will be fulfilled thanks to the experienced team lead by owner Joseph Robinson Sr.  

For job site videography, CCC, utilizing onsite trained company representatives for surveillance installations and maintenance, will generate weekly reports  with time lapse video on all observed issues that affect the efficient execution of the logistics of the projects execution.  Furthermore CCC provides 24/7 365 real time standard and infrared video time lapse video monitoring of the job site work in progress for complete video documentation of all activities. These Time Lapse Videos and Real Time Streaming are also provided in a weekly report for review and are archived for future reference and investigations while available to selected contractors/sub-contractors as needed for the overall coordination and validation of the work performed. All CCC video monitoring can be customized with zoom in features to be able to tailor the video reports to the exact needs of the project as it progresses. Concrete Construction Consulting provides an invaluable construction management service of State of the Art job site monitoring and video archival documentation for the purpose of contributing to the on time and within budget efficient and safe completion of the project. This service generates the tools to monitor and evaluate basic costs and timetables of the project's progress, to verify and quantify all activities occurring on the job site, and validate the efficacy of efficiency and safety solutions to general construction site work flow problems. 

We are your on site Video representatives working in the project's best interests to run as efficient, safely, and profitably as possible.

Joseph Robinson Sr. - Owner and President of Concrete Construction Corporation and Concrete Construction Consulting

we're more than just your CONTRACTOR - we're your partner